How to Call a Live Person in USPS Customer Service

If you need to talk to a live person in the United States Postal Service customer service department perform following steps:

  • Dial 1-800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS
  • Press 0 at the first prompt
  • Press 0 again when you hear an automated voice
  • Keep pressing 0 every time you hear an automate voice. Eventually this will lead you to a live customer service representative.

Live USPS customer service is available on this phone 8am-8.30pm EST on Monday-Friday and from 8am-6pm EST on Saturday.

If you’re not sure which support option you need please refer to the menu below which lists many available options:

  • Say “package” to track a package or contact about a lost or damaged package
  • Say “stamps” to order stamps or check order status
  • Say “carrier” for delivery issues say
  • Say “mail” for a change of address, USPS hours and USPS locations, redelivery inquiries, hold mail, pricing or zip code
  • Say “other” for all other inquiries
    • Press 1 for passport
    • Press 2 for supplies
    • Press 3 for technical support
    • Press 4 for fraud
    • Press 5 for business

USPS Social Networks Support

To contact a live customer service from USPS on Twitter navigate to USPS Help Twitter page and click “Message”.

To contact a live customer service from USPS on Facebook navigate to USPS Facebook page and click “Send message”.

To contact USPS via e-mail navigate to USPS email page and following instructions.

Following customer service topics are available via e-mail support:

  • Where is my mail?
  • Where is my package?
  • Personell questions
  • questions
  • Postal facility issues
  • Business inquiries website and applications technical support

Dial 1-800-344-7779 if you have problems with website or applications. USPS technical support is available Monday-Friday from 8am-8.30pm EST and on Saturday from 8am-6pm EST.

USPS Tools and Help

For USPS FAQ navigate to

For USPS tracking navigate to USPS tracking page.