How to Call a Live Person in Bluehost Customer Service

Below are steps to contact Bluehost customer service and get a live person on the phone:

  • First way: dial 1-888-401-4678 and select 2 at the first prompt and 7 at the second. After that, the automated phone system will connect you to a live customer service agent from Bluehost.
  • Second way: dial 1-888-401-4678 and then press 3 or 4 at the first prompt. After that, the automated phone system will connect you to a live customer service agent from Bluehost.

Bluehost Main Voice Menu

  • Press 1 for help with SSL activation before Google Chrome 68 launches in July
  • Press 2 if you need technical support
  • Press 3 if you need to speak with a billing representative
  • Press 4 if you need to speak with a sales representative

Bluehost Secondary Voice Menu

  • Press 1 for trouble logging into your account
  • Press 2 for email support
  • Press 3 for domain support
  • Press 4 if you need help with compromised security
  • Press 5 for website trouble, help with WordPress or other CMS builders
  • Press 6 for help with tracking and track builders traffic
  • Press 7 for for VPS or dedicated support

Bluehost Customer Service Representatives Hours

Live Bluehost customer service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Bluehost Support Phone Numbers

  • Customer service phone number: 1-888-401-4678
  • General Support Questions: 1‑844-460-5814
  • VPS and Dedicated Hosting: 1‑855-503-0450 (agent available from 7am to 12am on Monday-Friday and from 8am to 9pm on Saturday-Sunday)
  • WordPress Assistance: 1-844-213-7846
  • General Billing Questions*: 1-844-460-5821
  • General Sales Questions: 1-855-803-8158
  • Website Speed and Performance: 1-844-213-7841
  • Other numbers: you can view all other customer service phone numbers here.

Bluehost Web Links

Bluehost Live Chat Support

You can start live chat with customer support here by clicking the “Chat Now” button.

Bluehost support email

[email protected]

How do I speak to a live person if Bluehost contact number is not working?

It is possible that contact number may become disconnected or overloaded when number of calls is just too high. During such events we recommend to use other shortcuts to get help quickly:

  • Connect to a live chat on a Bluehost website.
  • Open Bluehost Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other supported social network and send a direct message there.
  • If e-mail address is available send an e-mail. It is possible that e-mail may be answered quicker than getting through a phone support and you will have something in written to which you can refer later in your communication.
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