How to Call a Live Person in Idaho Unemployment Customer Service

Below are steps to contact Idaho Unemployment Benefits customer service and get a live person on the phone:

  • Dial 1-208-332-8942
  • Press 1 (for English)
  • Press 4 (general questions about unemployment insurance for citizens with your unemployment claim)
  • Stay on the line
  • The automated phone system will connect you to a live customer service agent from Idaho Unemployment

ID Unemployment Voice Main Menu

  • Press 2 for assistance with payment arrangements, overpayment of benefits, means or garnishments.
  • Press 3 to reschedule your re-employment services and eligibility assessment, help with your Idahoworks account or job interview and resume assistance.
  • Press 4 for general questions about unemployment insurance or citizens with your unemployment claim.
  • Press 5 for questions are citizens concerning your appeal hearing and your documents to your hearing packet.
  • Press 6 to help with Idaho’s wage and hour laws, wage claims an employer not paying for work.
  • Press 9 to repeat this message.

Idaho Unemployment Customer Service Representatives Hours

Live Idaho Unemployment Insurance customer service is available from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday closed.

Idaho Unemployment Support Phone Numbers

  • ID Unemployment Support Phone Number: 1-208-332-8942. Live Idaho Unemployment Insurance customer service is available from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday, Saturday-Sunday closed.
  • Business Unemployment Insurance: 1-208-947-1055.
  • Contact an unemployment tax representative: 1-208-332-3576 or 1-800-448-2977.
  • Deputy Director: 1-208-332-3576.
  • Bureau chief, UI compliance, UI area supervisor: 1-208-332-3576.
  • Operations manager: 1-208-364-7781.
  • Collection supervisor: 1-208-332-3573.
  • UI tax support supervisor: 1-208-332-3576.

Idaho Unemployment Web Links

Idaho Unemployment Insurance (UI) Mailing Addresses

Unemployment tax representative:
Administrative Offices
317 W. Main St
Boise, ID 83735

ID Unemployment Insurance (UI) Fax Number

  • Administrative Offices Unemployment Tax: 1-208-334-6301.
  • Unemployment Insurance Claimants: 1-208-639-3256.
  • Business Unemployment Insurance: 1-208-639-3256.

Idaho Unemployment Live Chat Support

Live chat customer service is not available from Idaho Unemployment. To contact a live customer service representative you need to dial 1-208-332-8942 and follow the instructions above.

Idaho Unemployment support e-mail

Idaho UI Help Center

You can find more information at Idaho Unemployment Insurance (UI) Support page.