How to Call a Live Person in Lyft Customer Service

Lyft doesn’t have phone customer support. You can contact Lyft customer service by requesting a callback, via social media or email. Below are steps to contact Lyft customer service by requesting a callback:

  • Go to the Lyft Support page.
  • Tap “Contact Support” (which is at the bottom of each Help Center article).
  • Fill in the form.
  • Choose the method of contacting the support and press “Call me” or “Email”.

Lyft Customer Service Representatives Hours

Live Lyft customer service is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Lyft Support Phone Numbers

Lyft doesn’t have phone customer support.

Lyft Web Links

Lyft app

If you’re on a mobile device, use the “Help” tab in your Lyft or Lyft Driver app to see options for contacting (you need to use the most recent Lyft app version).

Lyft Emergency calls

To report an accident, safety, or traffic ticket problem:

  • Go to the Lyft Driver Safety page.
  • Tap “Contact Safety Team”.
  • Enter phone number.
  • Press “Contact Safety Team”.

Lyft support email

Lyft Live Chat Support

Live chat customer service is not available from Lyft. The best way to contact Lyft by requesting a callback or via social media.

Lyft Help Page

You can find more information at the Lyft Center page.

How do I speak to a live person if Lyft contact number is not working?

It is possible that contact number may become disconnected or overloaded when number of calls is just too high. During such events we recommend to use other shortcuts to get help quickly:

  • Connect to a live chat on a Lyft website.
  • Open Lyft Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other supported social network and send a direct message there.
  • If e-mail address is available send an e-mail. It is possible that e-mail may be answered quicker than getting through a phone support and you will have something in written to which you can refer later in your communication.
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