How to Call to a Live Person in Sprint

Getting to a live person in Sprint customer support could be quite tricky if you don’t have experience with automated voice systems. The option for live customer support is at the very end of their menu prompts. Here is a quick shortcut on how to get there. Dial 844-382-3312. Then enter following sequence ###4###555. Make sure to wait for each prompt to start before entering next number or hash. Make sure to enter # for each “Enter your number” or “I didn’t get that, please enter your phone number” prompts so you can get to the menus which will lead to a Sprint live customer agent. Three 5s at the end of the sequence will get you to the last menu prompt after which the system connects you to a live representative.

Below are some menu prompts from Sprint customer service 844-382-3312 phone number. We list them below for your reference in case you want to quickly get to the specific item (please note that Sprint updates their voice system periodically and some of the prompts below may change):

  • If you are calling about becoming a new customer press 1
  • If you’re an existing customer press 2
  • For help with your data card, hotspot or USB modem press 3
  • For anything else press 4

You will get to the phone menu after you enter your phone number or press # multiple times.

  • To check your account balance press 1
  • To make or schedule a payment press 2
  • To hear how many minutes you’ve used or data usage 3
  • To report the phone lost, not working phone or damaged press 4
  • More options 5

You will get to the menu below if you press 5.

  • To buy or activate a device press 1
  • For plan and service information and changes 2
  • Make changes to your account or phone press 3
  • For bill information including billing and autopay 4
  • For anything else including cancelling service press 5
  • To return to the main menu press *

You will get to the menu below if you press 5.

  • For questions about insurance or to check the status of the claim press 1
  • To disconnect your service press 2
  • For international support press 3
  • To see if your phone qualify for a buyback program press 4
  • For anything else press 5 (this option gets you to a live Sprint customer service representative)

Other ways to contact sprint

You can contact Sprint via this Facebook Messenger link.

You can Tweet a direct message to Sprint live representative via this Twitter direct contact link.

You can chat online with Sprint customer representative on Sprint Contact Us page

How do I speak to a live person if Sprint contact number is not working?

It is possible that contact number may become disconnected or overloaded when number of calls is just too high. During such events we recommend to use other shortcuts to get help quickly:

  • Connect to a live chat on a Sprint website.
  • Open Sprint Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other supported social network and send a direct message there.
  • If e-mail address is available send an e-mail. It is possible that e-mail may be answered quicker than getting through a phone support and you will have something in written to which you can refer later in your communication.
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